Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paula Taylor’s Single Aroma Attracts Men

Paula Taylor is really a hot commodity amongst men who knows of her single status. We even got a tip to do this article on Paula. Now that tells you that all men not in Thailand but all over the world wants or just loves and adore Paula also.

After her break up with P’Gao Natdanai Reungkitthiya, Paula has remained single on her status for so long. Her hot status has gotten her into rumors that she is seeing 2 guys at once! The first guy is when she went to be in the MV for Bie The Star.Anyone who has seen the MV can tell that it was a really sweet moment for the two. While the other guy is a man overseas. There were candid pictures of the two at the Oceanside which seemed very romantic. So which men is it that has conquered her heart?